1st year of the project

Activities which have taken place so far in the school year 2005/2006

Project calendar - part 1.
Approximate date Activity Location (in the case of mobility : from / to)
10/2005 Project meeting for teachers (planning) Czech Republic
10-11/05 Repertoire selection  
10-12/05 Preparation of the costumes and stage setting  
11-12/05 Collecting information - cultural-historical background of the future performance  
11-12/05, 01-05/06 Communication between project partners via e-mail, information exchange  
11/05 website setting  
1-3/06 Performance rehearsing  
1-3/06 Promotion campaign, production and distribution of posters, invitations, website up-dating  
03/06, 06/06 School exhibition  
04-05/06 Joint performances in partner countries Czech Republic-Italia, Poland-Romania
05/06 Project meeting (evaluation) for all teachers - at the time of the 2nd exchange visit (the Czechs in Italy) Italia
06/06 Processing of the obtained material - production of CDs, video, school papers, annuals, websites, media etc., distribution to project partners  
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